Cleaning for Allergens


If you have been experiencing symptoms such as wheezing, difficulty in breathing, watery and itchy eyes, a running nose, sneezing or a skin rash, you are most probably suffering from allergies. There are so many things in your house that can trigger allergies. They include the pet dander, dust mites, molds among others. Although it is very hard to keep your home totally allergen-free, regular cleaning can minimize your exposure to the allergens. Here are some of the best house cleaning tips that can help you to control allergens.



Picture cleaning the carpet

Vacuuming at least once or twice in a week is a great way of controlling allergens in your home. When vacuuming, special attention should be paid to the areas that are prone to accumulating more dust or pet dander such as on the furniture, floors and on the carpets. Since vacuuming can also allow the small particles back in the air, ensure that your vacuum cleaner is fitted with HEPA filters that will trap them in.


Dusting your interiors

Cleaning using cloth while wearing hand gloves

Dust harbors allergens such as the dust mites that trigger asthma. Dusting regularly helps in minimizing the allergens, although caution should be taken while dusting. If it is done in the wrong way, the process may end up leaving more allergens in the air. Therefore, use a damp cloth for dusting and the person who is dusting should put on a dust mask.


Wash the allergens away


Things like pillowcases, pillows, seat covers, beddings, curtains and rugs harbor allergens very well. Washing these items at least once a week and drying them in a hot dryer will help minimize the allergens in your home. For the non-washable pillows and mattresses, consider covering them with allergen-proof covers.


Keep your bathroom clean


Regularly washing your bathroom and keeping it moisture free hinders the growth of molds. Scrub all the tiles thoroughly and while at it, remember to clean the shower curtain too.


Invest in a clothes dryer


Avoid air-drying your laundry on the outside if you suffer from allergies since they can pick up allergens that are in the air. Instead, invest in a good a clothes dryer and dry them indoors.


Delegate some cleaning practices


Dusting and vacuuming are great cleaning practices that keep allergens at their minimum. However, engaging in these practices when you suffer from dust allergies will just worsen your condition. Just delegate these chores to another family member who is not affected as much by the dust.


Avoid scented and harsh cleaners


If you suffer from allergies, avoid strongly scented detergents and cleaners since they can aggravate the allergies. If you notice that the chemicals used in the cleaners are harsh on your skin, avoid them and switch to green products made from natural ingredients.


Keep your pets clean


While you cannot prevent your pets from shedding dander, you can minimize the dander in your home by cleaning the pet at least twice in a week. Pay close attention to the places the pets frequent while vacuuming and do ensure that some places such as the bedrooms are no-go zones to the pets.