Should You Choose a Diet Plan Based on Your Personality?

What is the first step to finding satisfaction in weight loss? Finding the weight loss type among the four diet personalities below is a start. This will help make weight loss easier, as it will help determine how best to workout and diet.

Type One: The Support Seeker

As the one who turns to friends and professionals for answers concerning anything from what to wear to who could be a better match as a partner, this type of person needs help and reassurance for most of their weekly routines.

For a diet plan, this person needs to have support from people who have been in their shoes to share their battle stories concerning the late night snack with those leftover brownies from their kid’s bake sale. Joining a fitness or weight loss program that has weekly meet-ups are a perfect idea for The Support Seeker. Workout sessions that provide regular one-n-one help with a personal trainer are also helpful, as they will help this type of weight loss seeker battle their inner demons.


Type Two: The Serial Snacker

This type of weight loss seeker is normally always on the go, and snacks throughout the day. This causes them to be a little full at meal time, and creates an unbalance of proteins, carbs, fats, and sugars that normally would be fine if the snacking was properly handled.

For a diet plan, keep healthy foods up front and close at hand, while shoving everything decadent into the back of the cupboards and into the black abyss. Chewing gum and mints will also serve as a distraction from eating, as Serial Snackers tend to eat from habit, and not from hunger, according to Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating.
Type Three: The Free Spirit

For this type of person, dieting is a backburner problem. It isn’t very important and can sit on the sidelines of life because work, family, and friends and what are most important. If there is a diet plan out there that is simple to do and easy to follow, then it is worth trying, but otherwise it is not worth spending time on.

For this diet plan, making small changes to the way they eat is the only option, since they refuse to give up sinful foods and working hard. According to Seth Roberts, an associate professor of psychology, the Free Spirit isn’t interested in changing how they eat, and will only make small changes to their diet.
Type Four: The Sweet Tooth

Everyone around this person knows what they are, and this type of person knows it too because they can’t pass up any type of sweet. When a person who is a Sweet Tooth and a Serial Snacker gets their hands of food, there is a huge problem.

The Sweet Tooth’s diet plan is difficult. According to Elisa Zied, a certified dietitian and nutritionist, indulgences need to be carefully monitored. This type of dieter should take the sweets that they like, and portion them out so that they can have the sweets last as long as possible, instead of gobbling them down as soon as they are purchased.