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Contrary to what many of my friends think, I actually look forward to the weekends just so I can give my home a thorough cleaning. Like my mom, I have always believed that home is a very personal abode and that inviting strangers to clean it for me never quite feels right. That is why I insist to do my cleaning. Besides, I know my home best and I know where the hard-to-reach places are. I can say with confidence that when I am done cleaning, there is not a speck or spot of dirt inside.  


But I know another very important thing too, cleaning tools. A man is as good as his tools. Thus, no matter how much you love cleaning, you will not do a very good job. It is for this particular reason that I want to get myself a new canister vacuum that will help me clean like a pro during my cleaning routines.


The main reasons why I prefer a canister vacuum to other vacuum cleaners is their ease of maneuvering and use. With the market being flooded with all manner of canister vacuums, I had to research on the best amongst them and after my research I was satisfied that, any of the following two vacuums are worth spending your money on.


Bissell Zing Rewind

Bissell Zing Rewind

If you want a good quality vacuum that is durable and performs highly but you are operating on a budget, do not worry because the Bissell Zing Rewind is here for you. It is sturdily built and lightweight and therefore very easy to move it from one place to the other. The swivel steering enables you to clean the hard to reach areas effortlessly. The motor is powerful enough to give you a good cleaning performance.

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Switching brushes is very easy. This allows you to clean different surfaces such as furniture, tiles, carpets and hardwoods very fast. This unit does not use bags but rather it has a dirt compartment that is transparent enabling you to know when the time to empty is due.


Another amazing feature about this unit is that it features an automatic cord rewind and therefore you are not required to wrap the cord around your unit. This vacuum also comes with other accessories such as the crevice tool, dusting brush and a telescopic wand.




Has good suction power

Compact and lightweight

Versatile; cleans different surfaces very well

Has automatic cord rewind



A relatively short cord- 15 feet

Not good for sucking up pet hair

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Dyson Big Ball Multifloor

The Dyson Big Ball canister vacuum cleaner is the definition of pure innovation where vacuum cleaning is concerned. This machine is carefully designed like a ball such that the heaviest parts of the vacuum are placed near the floor. Just as its name suggests, you can use this cleaner on all types of floors easily.


The ergonomic handle that gives you great control over the unit and the ball design enables you to move the unit with the least effort on your part. Besides, it fits nicely into your palm you’re your muscles do not feel strained at all even if you clean for a long time. It also comes with a combination of accessories to help you clean the hard to reach areas and stairs.


This vacuums suction power is very strong giving your house a thorough professional cleaning. The carbon fiber turbine tool eliminates even the finest dust and other particles from any kind of a floor. It is fitted with HEPA filters ensuring that the allergens picked form surfaces do not get their way back into the air and thus a great choice for people who suffer from asthma and other allergies.


The filters are washable and therefore you can use them for many years. When switching different floor surfaces, you no longer have to bend courtesy of the brush bar control that is installed on the handle. The cord is long and retractable and the bin empties with just a single and press of the button.



Good suction power

Long cord, also retractable

Empties the bin with one touch

Easy to maneuver

Has HEPA filters




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